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The ancient location of Grammata (Syros)

At the location Grammata, at the northern end of Syra, a third-century temple of Asclepius, patron of travellers, was converted to the church of St. Fokas. Remnants of simple structures are found there, as well as a great number of inscriptions by seafarers who took refuge there from the seastorms or, went up in order

The home of poet Nicholas Calas at the village of Chrousa on Syros

The “Kalamari estate” is located at the village of Chrousa in the Cycladic prefecture of Ano Syros. It is comprised of two pieces of real estate inherited by Nicholas Calas, an important figure in the culture and literary scene of Greece, a poet, theoretical essayist, academic teacher and art critic. He was the founder of

Flora and Vegetation of the Island Syra

    Flora. The flora of the island Syra consists of 580 species, 60 subspecies, 1 variety, and 1 form, in total 642 taxa, which belong to 340 genera and 81 families… The flora of Syra is not extensively polymorphic, and so it does not include endemic species in a narrower sense, which is attributed

see the follow web site: MONUMENTA for the protection of natural and architectural heritage in Greece and Cyprus

Dear friends, MOnuMENTA has now entered its 6th year of action, during which it has published five e-magazines covering thematic issues, better described as special issues, which are regularly enriched with many and well documented articles devoted to our physical and architectural environment specializing in the monuments’ problems and protection. The thematics of individual issues

General information about paper

Paper was invented in China, officially ca 105AD. Its calm dissemination from the East all over the world contributed decisively to the advent of the written word in many different cultures. Paper arrived in Europe after first spreading through Central and South Asia, thence to Mesopotamia and to the Arab world from where in entered