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Andreas Shinas – Photographic Exhibition March – June 2016

60 Photographs of Syros inhabitants   The exhibition is located in Ano Syros   Everyday 10.00 – 13.00 / On Saturday: 18.00-20.00 / On Sunday: 11.00-13.00   Andreas Schinas is a member of the Photography Circle, a non-profit cultural society that has operated in Athens since 1988.  About the exhibition in the island of


 July 2015 –  September 2016   Notebooks and Photographs of Elementary School Students from the 19th century  Locations: Cyclades, Crete, Athens, Macedonia, Epirus and Hellenic Schools in Constantinople, Smyrna, Cappadocia in Turkey and Alexandria in Egypt.   The exhibition is located in Ano Syros. Οpening hours: Saturday: 18.00-20.00 and Sunday: 11.00-13.00 (until June 2016) Everyday

Ano Syros

Apano Chora  or Ano Syros is the island’s oldest settlement. All its buildings are scaled to the natural incline of the ground and are interconnected by a varied network of terraced streets, plateaux and rooftops. “It exemplifies the Cycladic structural imprint at its most integrated because each house has the geometric autonomy of Cycladic cubism, though

meetings: Platon Rivellis

 It took the first thirty years of my life to realize that three are the things which make me happy. The emotion of art, contact with nature and true relationships with the people around me… (P.Rivellis)   See the web site of a photographer who, simultaneously and interdependently, teaches and writes about photography…:

Syros or Syra. A Historical Overview

             The island of Syros has shared the fortunes of the Cycladic group throughout its long history, and contributed to the formation of what might be called the Aegean civilisation. In the world of the Cyclades, the founding of Ermoupoli in 1821-1830 was a minor cosmogony, overturning the equilibrium achieved over centuries and coming hand-in-hand

The Countryside of Syros

                                                               In the period before Independence (1821), Syros had no other town comparable in size or character to Ano Syros. However, all over the countryside there were microscopic hamlets-and, above all, self-contained units of farm buildings, called themonies, ( literally “hay-stacks”) near the areas where the villagers had their fields and flocks.

The fortifications of Ano Syros and the pirate invasions

                                                                                                                                                         Ever since the Byzantine period, the Aegean Archipelagos was the scene of action for pirates of every description and nationality who contributed to the islands’ depopulation. Piracy was significantly reduced during the first two years of Frankish supremacy, thanks to the powerful fleets of the Franks and the Venetians. With the decline,

La protection francaise a Syra sous l’occupation ottomane

in french language   La protection française a Syra sous l’occupation ottomane               Lorsque le Roi de France, François Ier, signe en 1535 avec le Grand Sultan Suleiman Ier le premier traité, du nom des capitulations, le nombre des habitants de l’île de Syros n’excédait pas les 500. Avec ces premières capitulations les rois